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Wonderland Camp
A Special Camp for Special People On the Lake of the Ozarks

Wonderland Camp is dedicated to serving the mentally and physically challenged individuals of all ages for over 30 years. Wonderland Camp is the dream of Charles J. Miller. He worked with the Missouri Jaycees to build a residential summer camp for the mentally and physically challenged children and adults. Today Wonderland Camp is a place where they can enjoy the exhilaration of outdoor living and play together for one magical week.

To learn more, visit the Wonderland Camp website.

The Missouri JCI Senate is dedicated to the support of Wonderland Camp, and to the Missouri Jaycees efforts to maintain this facility as the finest of its kind anywhere. Wonderland Camp is supported entirely by the efforts of the Missouri Jaycees and its affiliated organizations including the Missouri JCI Senate. The following pictures were provided by Senator John Raeuchle #47511 and they demonstrate the work done by Missouri JCI Senators to make Wonderland Camp ready for the next camping season.

Learn how to make an everlasting gift through the Wonderland Camp Endowment Program

camp photo camp photo camp photo
Taking a break between jobs. Entrance & Front of New Cabin. New Bunk Beds in New Cabin.

camp photo camp photo camp photo
Camp Chapel- a peaceful refuge. Inside the Chapel a spiritual glow. Do you think we need the plans?

camp photo camp photo camp photo
Camp Office is always a busy place. Things are looking Great!!! Another view of new cabins.

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