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Missouri JCI Senate Executive Officers  2018-2019


Paul Myers #72173


    For a little history on me; I started my Jaycee career with the St. Charles Jaycees, I was honored to serve as their President in 2006. I went on to serve as District Director for Region 5 in 2007, State Vice President 2008 and 2009. I served as the Missouri Jaycee President in 2010. While a Jaycee I also became a Certified National Trainer which helped me become the first National Graduate in the US under their trainers program. In 2014 I also served as Supreme Commander #33 of the Missouri Muleskinners.

    At the Senate level I have served as RTF chairman in 2014 (and yes Missouri was #1 that year) and Secretary in 2015. I also served as your Chaplin in both 2013 and 2016. Most recently I served as your Vice President for 2017-2018.

    I am currently serving as a Field Supervision Director at Edward Jones. My fiancé' Tonya Benton serves as our e blast chairperson. My two children are already out of the house. As if that wasn’t hard enough to come to terms with my oldest just graduated from KCAI and the younger one, Ashley (also a St. Charles Jaycee and Show me Corp member) is nearing the end of her college years. If you have some good ideas of some fun social events for us to do that you don’t see on the Calendar please feel free to contact me as we want this to be a fun and full year.



Chris Deen #73300

Vice President

     Hello all. I am excited about being elected to represent you as your Vice President for 2018-2019. I have served on the Sikeston Jaycee board as Community Development Vice President and served years on the Sikeston Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo board of directors. I have been chairman of events like our car show for three years, haunted hayride for two years, have received Jaycee of the quarter as well as Jaycee of the year. I was elected to rodeo co-chairman in 2011 and served as rodeo chairman in 2012.

     After being honored with my exhaustion from the Jaycees, I was honored again with my Senatorship. I continue to return the favor with all of our local events as well as other chapters events. I have made many friends within the Jaycee chapters of Missouri and am now making friends within our senate region from other states.

     Wonderland Camp has become a very important place to me in which I have served different positions, as well as Supreme Commander with the Missouri Muleskinners.

     Again, thank you for the opportunity to serve on the Senate state board. See you all soon!



David Teachout #68700


     Hello from the Bootheel! I joined the Sikeston chapter in 1986, immediately becoming involved in everything I could and have never looked back. I worked my way up to Local President in 1992. I participate in most every project we have, current and retired, and have started a few new ones. I spent numerous years on the board of directors for our Rodeo, chaired a few major areas and have worked in all of them at one time or another. I served as the TOYM program in 1994, and was honored as a TOYM recipient in 1997. I currently serve as our chapter’s Election’s Committee Chairman. I was awarded my Senatorship from the Sikeston Chapter in 2009.

     On a personal note, I was born and raised here in Sikeston. I am working on my 35th year of marriage to the same wonderful lady, Kathy. We have one daughter who resides in Texas. I currently work as the Body Shop Manager for our local Freightliner Dealership, TAG Truck Center. The education I have received from being a Jaycee has allowed me to have sat on our City Counsel for two terms. Also, I have participated on many local boards, such as the Kenny Rogers Children’s Center, Area Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Board, and The Economic Development Board. As a testimony to the Jaycee organization, many of the other board members I have served with were either active or past members of the Sikeston Jaycees. As I say each year during elections, a person gets way more out of the Jaycees than they put in. Most of the time, the realization doesn’t come until later. I look forward to becoming more active in the senate, attending projects sponsored by us and other chapters, and making many new friends along the way.

     As we say here in Sikeston, “Roosters….Exhausted ..but still here”.



Terry Rowland #67003


     Hi Everyone! What an honor it is to be a Senator of the Jefferson City Jaycees, and to be your 2018 Secretary. I was awarded my Senatorship in 2007. I have held several positions on the Jefferson City Board and chaired many projects. I was President of that Chapter in 2004. Since 2004, I served as District & Regional Director of Region 9, and held the Treasurer position on the State Board. I continued to support and participate in my local Chapters events, as well as other Chapters around the State.

     I currently live in Jefferson City, MO and I have one son who is married. I work for Columbia College at the Jefferson City location as an Academic Advisor, I teach online classes periodically, and am currently working on my Doctorate in Higher Education, Leadership & Management. I love what I do.

     The Missouri Jaycee Chapters have many activities going on with opportunities to increase the size of their chapters and as Senators, it gives us a chance to increase our RTF hours. Every chapter appreciates our contributions and I personally enjoy meeting new members.

     Thank you for believing in me and electing me to sever as your 2018 Secretary. I appreciate the well wishes that I received in May after the elections. I am excited, motivated, and maybe a little nervous about serving on the Senate Board in the upcoming years. Service to humanity is the best work of life, and it is where I receive the greatest fulfillment.

     Best Wishes to you all!


Kristen Johnson #72859

Chairperson of the Board

    My first experiences with this organization were actually with the Senate and not the Jaycees. People kept telling me that I joined the organization “through the back door”. I eventually joined the Monett Jaycees in January 2009 and was on the fast track to leadership. I led the Missouri Jaycees as their 92nd State President in 2013 and for the first time in 7 years, we achieved growth in membership! When I received my senatorship in January 2014, I truly believe it was the first time I was literally speechless. The second time I was rendered speechless was in June 2014 when I was awarded the Allen Whitfield Memorial Award.

     I’ve always felt at home and comfortable with my Senate family and I have so many wonderful memories throughout my Jaycee career. I have created even more memories with the Senate as your 2017-2018 President. I’m truly blessed and honored to have had this opportunity to serve you!

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