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What is a JCI Senatorship and what is the Missouri JCI Senate Organization?

A JCI Senatorship is not an award, but the highest honor in the world that a Jaycee can receive and is a special category of membership in Junior Chamber International. It is designed to provide a link between past and present Jaycees. The honor is awarded by Junior Chamber International only after the recommendation of a local chapter and requires the signatures of the honoree’s State Jaycee President and the President of the United States Jaycees as well as the Junior Chamber International President. Since its inception in 1952, a JCI Senatorship has become the Jaycees most coveted honor. Less than one Jaycee out of a thousand receives a Senatorship in the United States. The Senate today provides you, as a member, the means by which you can maintain a lifelong link with old friends, the Jaycee organization you served so well, and the opportunity to make new friends around the state and nation as well as internationally.

Once a Jaycee is honored with a Senatorship, that Jaycee is a lifetime member of the Junior Chamber International Senate. You are not a member of the US JCI Senate or the Missouri JCI Senate unless you pay separate yearly or lifetime dues to the state organization. A new Senator's dues to Junior Chamber International are paid by the sponsoring chapter along with the application fee and approval of membership. This entitles the new Senator to a Certificate and Membership Pin. No publications or mailings from JCI are afforded by this category of membership. New Senators will want to find out if their Active membership dues to the Missouri JCI Senate were paid along with the JCI Senate application. These dues are paid separately and directly to the Missouri JCI Senate for new Senators. Active Missouri JCI Senate members regularly receive newsletters, mailings, email communications and publications. Additional benefits of active membership in the Missouri JCI Senate are a Missouri JCI Senate name badge and having National dues paid for one (1) year.

The Missouri JCI Senate was not one of the first members of the U.S. JCI Senate which formed in 1972. In fact, it was one of a group of states that were the last to join. The JCI Senate in Missouri was organized in 1976 to promote fellowship among Senators and to support the Jaycees at local, region and state levels. It continues to serve these functions today. The state organization received their official charter certificate and became an affiliate of the United States JCI Senate in 1977. It has grown both in size and prestige and with full membership open to all JCI Senators who are current or former residents of Missouri.

Classes of membership in the Missouri JCI Senate are Active, Associate, and Honorary. Active members are those who are current in their dues to the Missouri JCI Senate. Active members are entitled to vote on all matters brought before the Senate and may hold an office of the organization. Active members either pay their dues annually or may become Life Members by paying a Life Membership fee. Associate members are those who are not current in their dues, and are not entitled to the benefits of Active Members. Honorary members are those Senate friends outside of the Missouri JCI Senate that have joined our organization. Honorary members may not vote or hold office in the Missouri JCI Senate.

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