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Ken VeltenKen Velten #22012

1977 - 1978

West St. Louis County




Executive Officers:  Gary Mallory #20884 VP, John Good #23404 Secretary/Treasurer.


  • U.S. JCI Senate National Awards Chairman 1978-1979
  • U.S. JCI Senate Chaplain 1980-1981

As you can imagine, it is really difficult to remember much about what happened nearly 30 years ago. The organization was very new and we really had no traditions to help us through the year; so we made them up as we went along.

I am not sure how many are still followed but this is what I remember. We started a Fall reunion at the Lake of the Ozarks. I think we started the Senate Hospitality Rooms at state meetings during that year. If only I could remember where we had state meetings, we also started approving new Senators for the State Jaycee President.

We must have done a good job as the Missouri Jaycees were #1 in the Parade. For the first time we were represented at the U.S. JCI Senate Meeting in Atlantic City electing Chuck Fries #18344 as the National President.

I have retired from Boeing. Barbara and I really loved Southern California but we decided in 2013 to move back to Ballwin, Missouri. So we have come full circle and the move has worked out well for us. We are enjoying friends and family here, especially daughter, Debbie (#63040). However, we hope to spend January and February someplace warmer than St. Louis.

Since returning, I am volunteering with the Museum of Transportation and SCORE and teaching a few continuing education classes at St. Louis Community College.

Best wishes to all of you and hope to attend more Senate meetings in the future.

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