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Past Presidents

Bill SmithBill Smith, Jr. #38430

1992 - 1993

Florissant Valley




Executive Officers:  Mary Sawyer #43930 VP, Terry Lunsford #43445 Treasurer, Tim McGlothin #47950 Secretary.


  • Region VI Junior Chamber Mission Inn Chairman 1998-1999

  • U.S. JCI Senate By-Laws Committee 1999-2001

  • Region VI Presidents Information Exchange (PIE) Chairman 2001-2002

  • U.S. JCI Senate Outstanding Chairman, Junior Chamber Mission Inn 2002-2003

  • U.S. JCI Senate Region VI Vice President 2002-2003

  • U.S. JCI Senate Donnie Alvis Memorial Award Winner as the Outstanding Region VP 2003

  • U.S. JCI Senate Foundation Trustee 2003-2008

  • U.S. JCI Senate Foundation Vice President 2005 - 2011

  • Region VI Advisor 2007-2009

  • Region VI First Gentleman 2010-2011

Our main goal during my year as President was to bring the Senate and the Missouri Jaycees closer together than in the past and to become more involved in the Return The Favor program. My Presidential counterpart with the Jaycees was Gary Tompkins #47578. We worked together to try to develop new ways for the Senate to help the Jaycees as well as expand on the existing ones.

The Missouri Jaycees finished first in the nation that year and I hope that we had a small part in that accomplishment. We expanded our participation with the Jaycees in training, and judging of all their Individual Development programs. We also took over the Armbruster/Brownfield program as a Senate project.

We made it a point to have an open-door policy to the Senate hospitality room. With the help of David Page #29226 we also persuaded the Jaycees to revise their meeting bid requirements to include registration and rooms for the Senate.

For the first time in many years we had Senators of Jaycee age involved in and running Senate programs. We enjoyed the meetings, MO/NE football, Fall Retreat/Board Meeting, TOYM, National TOYA, and hosting the Region 6 Meeting in Kansas City. Thanks to Past Presidents David Page #29226 and Vince Saladino #34324 for their great job.

The Region 6 Meeting was one of the most rewarding parts of my year. Because of that meeting I was introduced to the senate organization beyond the borders of Missouri, which started my involvement in the regional and national organizations where I am still involved today and brought me friendships that I will carry for the rest of my life.

After spending eight months of growing and expanding the Missouri Senate, we met at Winter Meeting and took two more steps that put the organization on course for the great things that have developed over the following years. We had a contested election and then unanimously elected the first woman president of the Missouri JCI Senate.

The last few months were spent developing the Super Bowl program, setting up the committee to host the National Convention in St. Louis in 1995, and campaigning for comp registrations for the Senate President at state meetings and a comp hospitality room. These were approved at the Missouri Jaycees Planning Session.

A special thank you goes to Mike Moritz #28428 for introducing me to the Jaycees and Senate organization, and to Linda Rogers #51103 for her support and help during my year as Missouri's President. All in all, it was a great learning experience and I am very grateful to the Missouri JCI Senate for giving me the opportunity to serve as their President.


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