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Past Presidents

Mary SawyerMary Sawyer #43930

1993 - 1994





Executive Officers:  Terry Lunsford #43445 VP, Larry Kenney #32967 Treasurer, Jim Mitchell #41857 Secretary.


  • U.S. JCI Senate Outstanding Treasurer 1991-1992

  • U.S. JCI Senate Region 6 Foundation Fundraiser 1993-1994

  • U.S. JCI Senate Region 6 VP 1994-1995

  • U.S. JCI Senate Secretary 1995-1996

  • U.S. JCI Senate Administrative VP 1996-1998

  • U.S. JCI Senate President 1998-1999

  • U.S. JCI Senate COB 1999-2000

  • U.S. JCI Senate 30th Anniversary Chairman 2000-2001

  • U.S. JCI Senate National Protocol Officer 2005-2006

  • U.S. JCI Senate Convention & Bid Review Committee 2006-2008

  • JCI Joint Boards Secretary 2008

We started off the year with Jaycee LOTS in May with the Wacky Olympics and dinner for the Jaycees and Senators. Then on to Greensboro, NC for the National Convention where the Missouri Senate had a booth at the States Party asking everyone to come to the 1995 convention in St. Louis.

We then had our summer picnic and national convention site inspection. Next the Senate met in August in St. Joseph during the Jaycees Summer Meeting. We took part in the judging and First Timers programs. We were fortunate to have Region 6 VP Marlin Sanny #13967 and wife Mary Lou visit us for that meeting.

September took us to the MO/IL football game in Columbia where we finally won the game. The MO/NE football game in Lincoln had a little different outcome but the Nebraska Senate was still the great host they always are. Its easy to be nice when you nearly always win. December brought us to the Executive Committee Meeting and Christmas Party at the Sawyers home. Thanks to Vince Saladino #34324 for helping with the cooking. A big Thank You too goes to the Illinois Senate for letting us win at both sports. The MO/IL basketball game was fun even if I did have to give 28 points to Illinois President John Olson #35308 .

Winter Meeting saw us doing our normal good job returning the favor with training, signing new Jaycees, and helping with the judging and providing welcome baskets and escorting the TOYM honorees.

A new fund raiser took place in January with the Super Bowl Party. Over 70 Senators, Jaycees, friends, and family attended the event as we raised money for Wonderland Camp.

Then it was on to the Jaycee State Convention in Kansas City for the George Brett weekend. We returned the favor and had great hospitality. We then went to Orlando to show people what to expect for a whole week at the Convention to top all Conventions St. Louis 95.

This marked the end of a year of memories, I would like to say Thank You to all those that were a part of those memories. The support offered to me while serving the Missouri JCI Senate was appreciated.

Thanks to Mike Moritz #28420 for the nominations he was not sure about over the years, Bill Smith Jr. #38430 for all his support and training, and all the others I served with over the years in Missouri.

The experience I had as the first woman to be elected President and serve the Missouri JCI Senate prepared me for the challenges that would come as I chose the path that led to me being the first US JCI Senate President. The fun I had and the friendships that were formed and stand today are my reward for being a volunteer leader in the Missouri Jaycee Women and Missouri Jaycees. Thank you to everyone who has touched my life during these years spent serving humanity.....the best work of life.


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