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Past Presidents

Kathy SaladinoKathy Saladino #47618

1998 - 1999





Executive Officers:  John Raeuchle #47511 VP, Ed Hart #28991 Treasurer, Barbie Huff #50052 Secretary.


  • U.S. JCI Senate Outstanding State Treasurer 1997

A lot of Missouri Senators were involved with our projects during my year as President. Some of these were: May LOTS - Ed Hart #28991, 4th of July Ice Booth - Rudy Lefholz #50985, Strassenfest - Gerry Moore #26604, Japanese Festival - Larry Kenney #32967 and Mike Schaefer #55456, Float Fest - Carla Wessel #53913, MO/NE football - Gerry Moore #26604, Christmas Party - Bill Smith Jr. #38430, MO/IL basketball - Jim Mitchell #41857, January LOTS - Donna DeLaney #55560, and TOYM - David #29226 and Faye #50639 Page.

Some of the highlights of my year as the 25th President of the Missouri JCI Senate included working with a fantastic Board and supportive membership. It was also great to serve as State President the same year as Mary Sawyer #43930 was the National President. We also started the Senate Corner for articles in the Missouri Jaycees Impact newsletter. Keeping the Missouri Senate moving and on time was always a struggle too, however the ever present "Three Amigos" kept us rolling.

We attended the Region 6 Meetings in Mason City, IA and Lincoln, NE, as well as the National BOD Meetings in Dayton, OH and San Jose, CA. There was great hospitality at the MO/NE football game and the MO/IL basketball game. Santa Brad and his elves made an appearance, and Anti-Santa did too.

Getting to know and travel with the ladies of Region 6 was fun; there was Pat Hoelker #45893, Phyllis Bowers #51430, and Marilyn Mueller #51429. Of course there was the Region 14 (6 & 8) Meeting where we nearly got kicked out of the hotel, but Nebraska President Peggy Palmerton #55417 and U.S. President Mary came to the rescue. That was also the site of the Miss Bovine Contest, thanks to Denny Lambert #47947 for representing us.

At year end the Outstanding Program Managers were Kevin Litchfield #54109 and Randy Johnson #56636 for the Hospitality Rooms and the Senator of the Year was Jim Mitchell #41857. Thanks to everyone for a great year.


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