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George 'Butch' RobinsonGeorge "Butch" Robinson #19904

1976 - 1977





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Butch served our organization as our Charter President. It is reported that we started organizing in 1975 and received our Charter from the U.S. JCI Senate on March 29, 1977.

A group of JCI Senators met in Jefferson City at a Missouri Jaycee workshop at Lincoln University to talk about forming a state JCI Senate with the purpose to work with the local Jaycee chapters, to set guidelines for presenting Senatorships and assisting in the presentations to make it a more formal affair, hold hospitality rooms for Senators and spouses at state and regional meetings, and to help Wonderland Camp at the Lake of the Ozarks.

I am sure there are other things we set out to do, but after 30 years and with no records to view, this is all I remember. But what a great memory it is.

The Jaycees taught me how to be a leader and how to manage my time, how to speak in front of people, and most of all how to care for mankind and how to give. I am very proud that I was a part of getting the Missouri JCI Senate started and very honored to have been elected as the Charter President. But due to a lot of health problems and employment that has required working every weekend, I have not been as active in the Senate as I would have liked to have been. Because of this I have missed out on so much fellowship with people that cared so much for and were so important to my life. I wish that I would have found a way to have been involved in the growth of this great Senate team.

You young Senators must find a way to be active and stay active; don't let 30 years get by you like it has me, or when they have the 50th Anniversary to have the hurt inside like I have because I was not there along the way to help mold the future, but you can't do anything about the past. There is no better organization than the Jaycees, so be active and have fun.

In 1980, I left St. Charles County where I was Director of the County Health Department. I went into real estate as a sales consultant and sales manager and continue to do that now.

From 1989 to 1999, my wife Donna and I showed paint horses all over the mid-west. In 1995, Donna was the Reserve National Champion at the National Pinto Show in Tulsa, OK. In 1999, she finished in the Top 10 of her class at the World Paint Horse Show in Ft. Worth, TX. In 2000, we sold our show horses and now we have a big barn and one horse that Donna uses to trail ride.

We live on 10 acres outside of Wentzville and for the last several years I have been Director and Trainer of the Moolah Shriner Hospital speaker bureau which is part of the YOM unit which I also belong to; it is the little yellow cars in the parades (I don't drive one though).

I still look forward to someday being more involved in what I helped start.


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