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Past Presidents

John RaeuchleJohn Raeuchle #47511

1999 - 2000

St. Louis




Executive Officers:  Ed Hart #28991 VP, Barbie Huff #59952 Treasurer, Dennis Brenneke #56844 Secretary.



During my year we continued the programs and activities that we had started a few years earlier. The Senate continued to run LOTS and a Mid-Year LOTS as well as providing trainers for various Regional LOTS. We also continued to provide judges for state and regional competitions and helped winners prepare for the National competitions. Locating former members to update our mailing and emailing addresses was also a priority.

National President Tom Stone #36021 from Georgia attended the MO/NE football game which we lost.

The Fall Region 6 meeting was held in October in Milwaukee, WI and the Spring meeting in St. Paul, MN. The Fall BOD meeting took us to Clemmons, NC and in January we traveled to Biloxi, MS for the Winter BOD. The National Convention was held in Chattanooga, TN.

Our active membership increased from 204 to 235 during the year, and Life Members increased to 117.

The U.S. JCI Senate recognized us in several categories. They awarded Barbie Huff #59952 as an Outstanding Treasurer, our newsletter was an award winner, and our Return The Favor program continued to be one of the best.

We ended the year on a high note to help propel us into the 21st Century and into our 25th year. Thanks for the opportunity to serve such a great organization.


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