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Past Presidents

David PageDavid Page #29226

1985 - 1986

Southern Clay County




Executive Officers:  Mike Moritz #28420 VP, Jerry Jackson #27420 Treasurer, Bob Holbert #27166 Secretary.


  • U.S. JCI Senate National Meetings Coordinator
  • U.S. JCI Senate National Convention Chairman St. Louis 1995

Exciting things happened for members of the Missouri JCI Senate during the year I was president. A great time was had at the Summer Meeting, where we had a special program for JCI Senators which included special Senate activities where we held a special Friday evening cookout at Benjamin Stables. We also assisted the Jaycees with their ID and MD programming.

Several new support initiatives were introduced during my year as President. It was my vision that the Senate should be more than just a social club for old timers. That was a good premise at the outset, but I felt like we had so much more to contribute. We worked diligently with the Missouri Jaycees to help develop a support program that would benefit both organizations. It helped us develop a sense of purpose, and provided a way for us to pass along the benefit of our experiences.

Activities during the year included hosting a work day at Wonderland Camp with the Muleskinner Corps, hosting a Summer Picnic, and holding a Fall Retreat at the Tan-Tar-A Resort.

Special appreciation goes to Bob Carothers #21456, Earl Sawyer #28243 for encouragement and support, and the Board of Directors for their hard work and dedication. Thanks to all the Missouri Senators for a great year.

For those who believed in, encouraged, and supported me, Thank You. For those who doubted, I am sorry I disappointed you.

After serving as Missouri JCI Senate President I was active with the US JCI Senate Region 6 and national organizations. I served as the US JCI Senate as National Meetings Coordinator, where I consulted and advised on several Annual and Mid-year BOD meetings. I chaired several Region 6 and national Senate meetings and functions during my active years with the organization.

My experiences with the Jaycees and JCI Senate have had a life long effect on my life. I met people, did things, and traveled to places that I probably would have never experienced otherwise. It truly prepared me for a successful career and personal life. Thanks to everyone who helped along the way.


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