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Past Presidents

Jim MitchellJim Mitchell  #41857

1996 - 19967

Montgomery City




Executive Officers:  Denny Lambert #47947 VP, Kathy Saladino #47618 Treasurer, John Raeuchle #47511 Secretary.


  • U.S. JCI Senate Outstanding State President 1996-1997

My year as President of the Missouri JCI Senate was one of the most rewarding of my Jaycee and JCI career. What a team we put together; from the Board to each one of the appointments! Everyone was always ready to help out; not only did we get more Senators to join but we also got them involved in our Senate organization.

At the first of the year we had a lot of people who said our team wouldn’t or couldn’t do the job of running our Senate organization. Maybe that’s what it took for us to have the kind of year we had.

At the end of the year, our newsletter was recognized as one of the best in the country thanks to John Raeuchle #47511, our Treasurer, Kathy Saladino #47618 was recognized as one of the three best, and we were recognized for Return The Favor.

But most of all and the most important was the award we got from Joe Jerkins #55431 President of the Missouri Jaycees. It says “In Heartfelt Appreciation From a Grateful Organization Presented to the Missouri JCI Senate Jim Mitchell President. Thank you for “returning the favor” in so many ways this past year, your team’s leadership, involvement, and dedication inspired our members to “Make A Difference.”

That said about everything that we tried to accomplish. And what we were able to do for the Missouri Jaycees. The most important thing was we had fun, fun in everything we did! But we couldn’t have accomplished our goals if it wasn’t for the dedication of the Missouri JCI Senators who worked so hard, my year as President. Again, I would like to thank each and everyone who helped to make my year as your President one of the greatest years of my life.


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