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Past Presidents

Denny LambertDenny Lambert #47947

1997 - 1998

St. Louis




Executive Officers:  Kathy Saladino #47618 VP, John Raeuchle #47511 Treasurer, Ed Hart #28991 Secretary.



During my year as Senate President I was able to attend every Senate Region 6 and National meeting. In October we traveled to Sioux Falls, SD for the Winter Region 6 meeting. In March, the Missouri Senate hosted the joint Region 6 and 8 Meeting in Kansas City.

In September we were in Cocoa Beach, FL for the Fall BOD, while in January we were hosted in Crystal City, VA (Washington, DC) for the Spring BOD. The exciting year end National Convention was in Las Vegas, NV.

Allen Pierce #43600 was the National President. Bill Smith #45919 from Minnesota was the Region 6 VP, and Gwen Tichelkamp #58013 was the President of the Missouri Jaycees.

It was a very unusual year for me as it was reported in both the regional and national publications that I was deceased. Lana received sympathy (and congratulatory) cards and phone calls from all across the country concerning my untimely demise.

An unforgettable moment during my year; while working the St. Charles Jaycees River Fest, I helped a man with his truck. When I shined my flashlight on the battery, it exploded in my face. I was blinded by the acid but thanks to a quick thinking EMT Joe Jerkins (now Senator #55431), who flushed my eyes during a trip to the hospital; I was eventually able to see again.

I had fun attending every project the Missouri Senate hosted, i.e. LOTS, MO/NE football, MO/IL basketball, Float Fest, St. Charles River Fest, Strassenfest, Super Bowl Party, and the Senate Picnic. The Senate also donated $500 to Wonderland Camp of which I was proud of this accomplishment. In addition, we were able, for the 5th straight year, to end at growth.


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