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Past Presidents

Barbie HuffBarbie Huff #50052

2001 - 2002





Executive Officers:  Donna DeLaney #55560 VP, Lewis Ash #49165 Treasurer, Mike Bibbs #46075 Secretary.


  • U.S. JCI Senate Outstanding State Treasurer 1999-2000

We started the year off with a baseball theme about being in the game. The emphasis for the year was going to be fun.

Due to some professional problems I resigned the position of President in September. The Board rallied together and decided to work, to coin an old baseball phrase, “bullpen by committee”. Each officer took responsibility for a trimester and the respective trimester meeting. Randy took the first trimester, Donna the second and Lewis took the third. Ed took the title Chairman of the Board and Acting President which meant that he was the contact person with the region and national organizations.

Bill Smith Jr. #38430 from served as our Region 6 Vice President. Earl Sawyer #28243 served as the Regions 6 Protocol Officer while Mary #43930 served as Chaplain. Nancy Abrams #49198 served as newsletter editor, and Jim Mitchell #41857 from served on the Region 6 auction committee while Ed #28991 and Boni #59553 Hart served as PIE and JCFAN chairs.

Nationally, Earl #28243 served as the Treasurer for the USJCI Senate Foundation and Ed #28991 served as a member of the Constitution and By-Laws Committee.

We ran many outstanding programs throughout the year including Strassenfest in St. Louis and the Holiday Meeting in Jefferson City. The Outstanding Project of the year was the Super Bowl Party in St. Louis where we raised over $2500 for Camp Wonderland. This project was chaired by Kim Burns #58806 from St. Peters.

We continued to Return The Favor to the Jaycees by judging at region and state meetings, assisting at Access Day at the State Fair, training at meetings and our largest RTF project, LOTS.

We ended our year at growth with 257 members and remained the 7th largest Senate state in America.

We were recognized regionally with their RTF award and Ed was recognized as the Outstanding Region 6 Chairman for President’s Information Exchange (PIE).

Nationally, we were recognized for the third straight year for Return The Favor and Bill Smith Jr. #38430 was recognized with the Donnie Alvis Memorial Award as the Outstanding Region Vice President in America. Ed Hart #28991 was elected to the office of National Treasurer. Earl Sawyer #28243 was reelected as Treasurer of the USJCI Senate Foundation. All national monies were now controlled from Ballwin, Missouri.

It was an unusual year but Missouri as a team really pulled together as we always do. We stayed in the game and ended the year on a high note.


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