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Past Presidents

Bob HolbertBob Holbert #27166

May 1988 - Aug 1988





Executive Officers:  Tom Hendrix #37317 VP, Ken Freiberger #34681 Treasurer, Larry Kolb #30886 Secretary.


  • U.S. JCI Senate Region 10 Vice President
  • U.S. JCI Senate Secretary
  • U.S. JCI Senate Administrative Vice President

Election time: it can be a great time or it can be a not so great time. What would it be this time? Most believed I would be elected without any trouble; some didnít. After all I had been on the wrong side of a political situation in my Jaycee years, and an office employee I let go had caused some problems in another Senate office, however in spite of it all I was elected. Now it was time to get to work.

Planning Session was next. We had to get all of the officers together, elected and appointed, along with as many active members as possible, so we are working together toward our goals and the goals of membership. It was a good Planning Session and a good, strong plan was developed.

Then, the pitcher threw a curve ball. I was offered an opportunity to sell my business and move to Arizona with a higher family income, an entrance on the ground floor into a company with tremendous growth potential and getting away from the IRS. It was an adventure too good to let slip by. It would mean many great changes including giving up the Presidency of the Missouri JCI Senate.

Never being one to step away from a challenge or not taking the first steps on adventures of life, we moved to Arizona. It was not an easy decision but it was an opportunity not to be missed. So I resigned the office of Missouri President and let Tom Hendrix step into the office. Tom is a good man and we knew that he would do the right job. That did not stop the tears the day of the resignation, but the tears are part of the grand adventure of life.


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