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Tom Hendrix #37317

2014 - 2015





Executive Officers:  Karen O’Hearn #52200 VP, Jerry Thompson #56957 Treasurer, Kristen Johnson #72859 Secretary, Susan Hatcher #58143 Chairman of the Board


It was a great honor to serve the Missouri JCI Senate for a second time as its President for the 2014-2015 Year. This was a great year in which we had many opportunities to visit with other Senators in the State and to travel to many locations. We started off the year with a social in the St. Louis area with Fun in the Sun chaired by Ed Hart #28991 in July.

In August after Returning the Favor with the Jaycees at Access Day at the Fair many Senators went to Springfield Cardinals Social. For that weekend we were pleased to have National Senate President Randy Young #46420 and his wife Debbie join us. We had the largest attendance ever for that social event. The following weekend we had a social at a Kansas City Royals game chaired by Jim Pendleton, Jr. #40286. In September we had out Fall Meeting with the Missouri Jaycees and following week many of us went to Gettysburg for the Fall US JCI Senate Board of Directors meeting. October saw us attending the Region VI Fall Meeting in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

December saw us again as a group Return the Favor with the Southern Boone Jaycees at a Casino Night in Columbia to help raise funds for the Scholarship program and later in the month the annual Missouri-Illinois Basketball game. Thanks to Gerry Moore #26604 for chairing that event. Unfortunately for those who attended the game it was a last second loss for the Tigers. January was our Winter meeting at the Lake of the Ozarks and on the same weekend a number of Missouri Senators represented us in Tempe Arizona at the US JCI Senate Winter Board of Directors meeting.

On February 1, there were two Super Bowl Parties. In Region V a party was held to raise funds for Wonderland Camp which was chaired by Chuck Keithline #69496 and in Jefferson City/Region IX to raise funds for Access Day at the Fair. Thanks to Missy Wilson #60621, Sandy Backes #64521 and Tim Boggs #67800 for their work on that even which raised in excess of $1,000.00.

Lincoln, Nebraska saw Missouri Senator attending the Region VI spring meeting where our own Susan Hatcher was elected Region VI National Vice-President. In May we were in O’Fallon for our election meeting following a social at a St. Louis Cardinals game. Finally, many Senators attended the National Convention of the US JCI Senate in Rochester, Minnesota where I was pleased to accept the award for the US JCI Senate Return the Favor award. 80 Missouri Senators had hours submitted for a total of 3,416 total hours. Finally at each of the out-of-state meetings there was a wonderful food experiences at many excellent locations. Thanks to Tim Vincent #54020 for finding those locations.

As the theme for the year was CARPE DIEM – my interpretation was Enjoy the Day, I know I especially enjoyed the time we had together making new friends and working with the Jaycees. Thanks for the opportunity to serve a second time.


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