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Past Presidents

Dave DeLaneySusan Hatcher #58143

2013 - 2014

West St. Louis County





Executive Officers:  Jim Pendleton, Jr. #40286 (7/13-8/13), Tom Hendrix #37317 (1/14/-5/14) Vice Presidents;Karen O’Hearn #52200 Treasurer; Wendy Cox #69246 Secretary & Michele Emmerich #60635, Chairman of Board.


  • Region VI Senate Outstanding State President 2013-14

  • U.S. JCI Senate Outstanding State President 2013-14

  • Region VI Future Directions representative for US JCI Senate 2014-2015

  • Region VI Vice Representative



I was honored to serve as the 40th President of the Missouri JCI Senate as we “Continued Traditions in Excellence”.

We are the Birthplace State of the Jaycees – a long tradition of Believing that Faith in God transcends across nations and that service is the Best Work of Life. As a symbol of that Tradition of Excellence for the year – the baseball was chosen– an American excellent past time of Tradition.

The MO JCI Senate emphasized Returning the Favor to the Missouri Jaycees – working at the 4th of July St. Charles Jaycees beer booth, Hannibal Jaycees Tom Sawyer days, Jefferson City Jaycees Fair, Sikeston Jaycees Rodeo, Mexico Jaycees Soybean Festival, Mission Inn Jaycees German booth Festival of Nations, St. Charles Fall Festival with the St. Charles Jaycees, Southern Boone County Casino night and the St. Louis Jaycees Soap Box Derby. MO JCI Senate raised money with two Super Bowl parties chaired in St. Louis – Tonya Benton #66222 and Jefferson City Missy Wilson #67918, Sandy Backes #64521 and Tim Boggs #67800 and put in hard labor for the Wonderland Camp and Access Day at the State Fair – the traditional programs of the Jaycees in Missouri. Brian Cox #61635 ran the state first timers, speak-up and write-up competition for the Missouri Jaycees at the state meetings in September and January. Miriam Wetter #67070 chaired the Outstanding Young Missourians and Farmers for the senate. Thank you to Tim Vincent #54020 for tabulating all of our senate hours for Return the Favor!

We had over 180 applications for our scholarship program and were able to award four scholarships chaired by Mary Elizabeth Dorsey #62688! Related to scholarships, one of accomplishment during this senate year that brings the greatest pride is the establishment of the Missouri JCI Senate Foundation, to ensure the long-term viability of providing scholarships by establishing a charitable foundation to raise monies for scholarships for Missouri high school students. We sold Angel Pins in honor and memory of last year’s treasurer Lori Vincent #54021 who passed away too soon but remained our guardian angel during this 2013-2014 year. We had other small fundraisers throughout the year to raise money chaired by Barb Pelikaan #57247 to fund the not-for-profit application for the foundation! We started a new Tradition of Excellence for the Missouri JCI Senate!

We continued our tradition of fun too at St. Louis Cardinals game chaired by Mary Sawyer-#43930, Fun in the Sun chaired by Ed Hart #28991, annual Missouri vs Ilinois Bragging rights basketball game in December with our fellow Ilinois Senators chaired by Gerry Moore #26604, two Springfield cardinal baseball games chaired by Mary Holden #57825 and Mike Gilbert #43355, two wine tours chaired by Scott Tate #67001 and Stacey Rawls #63600 and our nationally known food experiences at Region and National meetings chaired by Donna Delaney #55560 .

The senate hosted a trivia night to benefit the Fisher House chaired by Wendy Cox #69246 raising over $1,000 for all those who served our country in the military. The St. Louis Fisher House is a non-profit organization which has 20 guest suites providing "a home away from home" for families of Veterans receiving care at the St. Louis VA Medical Center and families of active duty personnel who have loved ones in other area facilities.

The MO JCI Senate hosted the Spring Region VI meeting in Kansas City, MO in April 2014 chaired by Jim Pendleton, Jr #40286. Many Missouri JCI Senators were there helping and doing so much to SHOW Missouri hospitality and the many outstanding Kansas City sights and scenes from BBQ, baseball stadium, golf, wineries, “Plaza”, breweries and fountains. Missouri style food and hospitality was offered thanks to Ernie #60650 and Christy Lea #62494, Food Chairman and Earl Sawyer #28243 and Bernard Thompson #52497 Bar Chairman. So many Missouri senators were there to help, it was because of them, it was a success financially and in activation. It truly was our Outstanding Project of the Year showing Region VI and other national senate guests Missouri hospitality as they “Come Play in Kansas City”.

A financial seminar planned by Paul Myers #72173 was a new project offered Missouri JCI Senate members, a valuable professional insight.

National US JCI Senate President Larry Bohn #37024 visited Missouri JCI Senate at our September meeting in Jefferson City. Region VI Vice President Tim Kalvig #63828 visited our September meeting and January meeting at Lake of the Ozarks . Along with National President Larry Bohn #37024 and Region VI Vice President Tim Kalvig #63828, Adminstrative Vice-President Randy Young #46420, Secretary CJ Jordan #45857 and Treasurer John Robinson #55768 and other US JCI Senate guests “Came to play in KC” at the Region VI meeting.

New Senators this year included Jack Dabrowski #72300, Trisha O’Cheltree #72882 and Kristen Johnson #72859!

It was a great year and special recognition goes to our 2013-2014 Missouri JCI Senate award winners:

All Star Team - Outstanding Team - Communications Team
Ken Risley - eBlast #32905
Boni Hart - Newsletter #59553
Webmaster - Joe Jerkins #55431
Facebook page - Tim Vincent #54021

Rookie of the Year - Outstanding New Senator Paul Myers #72173

Comeback Player of the Year - Mary Holden #57825

All Star Game - Outstanding Project - “Come to Play in KC” Region VI meeting

Golden Gloves Chairmen of the year – Kristie #62494 and Ernie #60650 Lea

Coaches Awards - Presidential Award of Honors
Randy Johnson #56636
Carol Martin #43922
Earl Sawyer #28243
Mary Sawyer #43930
Tim Vincent #54021

Most Valuable Players – Senators of the year
Mary #43930 and Earl #28243 Sawyer

The Missouri JCI Senate went far into the playoffs winning the Region VI Outstanding Return the Favor state and the World Series National State Outstanding Return the Favor. President Susan Hatcher #58143 also won Region VI Outstanding State President as well as named a National Outstanding State President.

As state president, I will always cherish the opportunities and friendships during my year as president. Special thanks again to the executive board Jim, Tom, Karen and Wendy and to those that advised and great friends to me - Carol, Earl & Mary, Tim and Randy. Traditions of Excellence to be Continued!

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