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Past President

Boni Hart #59553

2009 - 2010

West St. Louis County




Executive Officers:  Tim Vincent #54020 Vice President, Debbie Rothweiler #63500 Treasurer , Michele Emmerich #60635 Secretary, DeWayne Cartee #62218 Chairman of the Board.


  • U.S. JCI Senate Finance Committee 2000-2001

    U.S. JCI Senate Region VI JCFAN Program Manager 2001-2002

  • U.S. JCI Senate Region VI Outstanding Program Manager, JCFAN 2001-2002

  • Missouri JCI Senate Senator of the Year 2001-2002

  • U.S. JCI Senate JCFAN Program Manager 2002-2004 

  • USJCI Senate Outstanding Program Manager, JCFAN (2)

  • National Board of Directors, Jaycee Family Aids Network 2002-2004

  • U.S. JCI Senate First Lady 2005-2006

  • U.S. JCI Senates Outstanding State Newsletter Editor 2006-2007

  • Missouri JCI Senate Senator of the Year (2) 2006-2007

  • U.S. JCI Senate Outstanding State Treasurer 2007-2008

  • Missouri JCI Senate Senator of the Year (3) 2009-2010

  • U.S. JCI Senate Region 6 Outstanding State President 2009-2010

  • Region 6 JCI Senate Outstanding State Organization 2009-2010

  • U.S. JCI Senate Outstanding State President 2009-2010

It was such an honor to be president of the Missouri JCI Senate and what a privilege to be a member to this great organization that I thought the theme for my year should be "Membership has its privileges".


The year started off in the hot sun at Ballwin days in early June, chaired by Ed Hart #28991.  We made a grand total of $126 selling Papa John's Pizza.   We then attended the national convention in Atlanta, Georgia.  July was filled with our Fun in the Sun II chaired by Lori Vincent #54021.  We really got busy in August with the Cole County Fair hosted by Donna DeLaney #55560.  The Harts and Sawyers attended the Iowa Picnic in Sioux City and we ended the month in Springfield attending the Cardinals Double A team game.  Chaired by Randy Johnson #56636 hosted over 28 Senators.  We "throwed rolls at Lamberts--not at each other.  (If only we had enough to eat?)


September saw us working the Japanese Festival in St. Louis for on-to, Tigers beating the Illini with joint hospitality.  Fund Raising at Strassenfest was chaired by (Old "count the money himself"), Ed Hart #28991. We then attended the USJCI Senate Fall BOD meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  We were honored to have USJCI Senate President Doug Meyers #21511 attending our Missouri Senate meeting.  October saw two events at the same time.  Our biannual hosting of the Nebraska JCI Senate for the Missouri/Nebraska game and the Fall Region 6 meeting hosted by The South Dakota JCI Senate.  Missouri took names and kicked butt for awards.


In November, the Sawyers attended the JCI World Congress in Tunisia.  Thanksgiving weekend saw us going to Kansas City for the third MU/KU game at Arrowhead Stadium.  Jim Pendelton #40286 handled the football operations and David Page #29226 handled hospitality.  LeAnn Smith #59833 handled the wonderful Holiday Party with USJCI Administrative Vice President Mike O'Connell #40225 attending.  In early December we helped the S. Boone County Jaycees with their Casino Night in Columbia.  This project was chaired by DeWayne Cartee #62218.   We ended the month celebrating Missouri beating Illinois in basketball at the annual "Braggin Rights game in St. Louis.


January had three major activities.   LOTS for the Jaycees Chaired by Ed Hart #28991 and 11 other Missouri Senators.  We held our winter state meetings with the Jaycees at the Tan Tara at the Lake and saw 6 new Senatorships presented.  We ended the month warm in Orlando, Florida for the USJCI Senate Winter BOD meeting.   February had two events both on the same day.  Super Bowl Party Region 9 for Access Day at the Fair, co-chaired by Missy Wilson #67918 and Jackie Bax #60590.  Super Bowl Party Region 5 for Wonderland Camp, chaired by Larry Kenney # 32967 and Mike Schaefer #55456.  Both events were a financial success for the two different Jaycee projects.


In March we traveled to Omaha, Nebraska for the Spring Region 6 meeting.  Once again Missouri kicked butt and won many major awards (outstanding state, president, individual senator and RTF).  All this traveling instigated a new project.  The "Food Experience" was Lori's #54021 idea and she got all who attended to go out together to eat while traveling to different Senate events.  I think this project will really stick.  We all thank Lori Vincent # 54021 for this fun "Foodie" event.  In March, I also attended the West St. Louis County Jaycees 50th Anniversary banquet.  Twenty eight West St. Louis County Senators attended.  What a grand celebration!  In April we had our second Wine & Relaxation in Ste. Genevieve.  A wonderful project chaired by Benita Curtis #61733.


May 's only event was the Senate/Jaycee meeting in Macon, Missouri  We were pleased to have Region 6 National Vice President Randy Young #46420 from Minnesota assist with our awards program.  Senator of the year, Tim Vincent #54020, Chairmen of the year, Kristie #62494 and Ernie Lea #60650 for hospitality, Project of the year, Randy Johnson #56636, Springfield Cardinals game and Program Manager of the year, Lori Vincent #54021, RTF.   What a great team!  At this meeting we elected our future leaders.  Two new Senatorships were presented.  We added two new donations to our finances this year, the USO and Fisher House, which is a program similar to Ronald McDonald House, but this is for military families.


After thoroughly wearing ourselves out all year, we headed out in June to attend the national convention in Concord, California.  Final Region Awards were presented by Randy Young #46420 for the Outstanding State for the year, Outstanding President to Boni Hart #59553, Outstanding Individual Senator to Tim Vincent #54020, Outstanding RTF project (LOTS) to Lori Vincent #54021.  We honored four Missouri Senators at the Memorial Service, Greg Alexander #28602, Ron Dupske #20663, Dennis Grout #43923 and Tony Yonovak #22010.  The food experience was fabulous.  Missouri was recognized nationally with a top five state president, Boni Hart #59553, top one of five newsletters, Ken Risley #32905 and outstanding web site, Debbie Velten #63040.  Tim Vincent #54020 was recognized by the US Jaycees as one of the national RTF winners.  (Missouri's fourth)


This truly was a fantastic year and one I will always cherish.  Thanks to Ed, Earl & Mary, Tim & Lori and Randy.  What a great team!  What a great time!  What great friends!  "Membership really does have its privileges".

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