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Past Presidents

Ken FreibergerKen Freiberger #34681

1990 - 1991

West St. Louis County




Executive Officers:  Vince Saladino #34324 VP, Bill Smith Jr. #38430 Treasurer, Mary Sawyer #43930 Secretary.



Our Return The Favor program is something that we did all year long, not just for one project. We completed our Second Annual Fun Fest by providing team competitions, BBQ, and a dance for the Jaycee officers.


Once again, we handled the Armbruster/Brownfield competitions, and the TOYM chaperone program. We initiated a new Resource Team of Senators to provide the Jaycees with speakers for any and all Jaycee chapters and their programs, training sessions, and yes, even membership drives. Of course we had several socials as well.


During my years as VP and President we initiated projects and interacted with the Jaycees. Sure, we had the social activities that still exist today, like the MO/IL basketball game, the MO/NE football game, and others. But, as I look back and then look at where we are today, I feel that the people we had involved then provided the groundwork for where we are today. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention some of the people who helped to make my year as President so successful: Vince Saladino #34324, Bill Smith Jr. #38430, Mary Sawyer #43930, Jim Mitchell #41857, Gerry Moore #26604, Kent Martin #32683, Earl Sawyer #28243, Bill Vishy #23120, Dave DeLaney #41203, and I’m sure some I have failed to mention.


As the first person to have been President of both the Missouri Jaycees and the Missouri JCI Senate, I can say that one definitely helps you prepare for the other and that it was a privilege to have served both organizations.


And as Ed Hart #28991 says, “Friends is what Jaycees is all about”, because when the ride is over, the hard work is done and the socials are over, friends is what you have to get you through the rest.

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