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Past President

Donna DeLaney #55560

2002 - 2003

Capital City




Executive Officers:  Lewis Ash #49165 VP, Mike Bibbs #46075 Treasurer, Dennis ‘Kramit’ Kramer #61560 Secretary.


  • Region 6 Secretary 2005-2006

  • Region 6 Health Watch Chairman 2006-2007

  • Region 6 Presidents Information Exchange (PIE) Chairman 2007-2008

  • U.S. JCI Senate Raffle Prize Chairman West 2008 - 2009

  • U.S. JCI Senate Region VI Vice President 2012 - 2013

The year started off with past president Ed Hart #28991 being elected National Treasurer in Sioux Falls, SD. Earl Sawyer #28243 was elected National Treasurer of the U.S. JCI Senate Foundation. All the Senate’s money was controlled out of Ballwin, Missouri.

This was the last year that the Jaycees and the Senate met at the same time in June. Eight members of the Missouri Jaycees helped the Missouri JCI Senate with their hospitality duties. On ‘Missouri Night’, we fixed salad, meat balls and spaghetti with the hottest rolls ever. It was 115 degrees outside and the rolls were left in Lewis’s car. The butter really melted fast.

We had our usual great projects like Strassenfest, Japanese Festival, Holiday Meeting Casino Night in Jefferson City, and a Super Bowl Party in St. Charles. We raised over $2500 for Wonderland Camp.

In the area of Return the Favor, we once again were recognized as one of America’s outstanding states. We ran LOTS, raised money for the Camp, assisted at Access Day at the State Fair, judged books and trained at meetings, and assisted with the Outstanding Young Missourians program during the Winter Meeting. We were very active assisting the Missouri Jaycees.

The Super Bowl party was our project of the year, while Dave DeLaney #41203 was our Senator of the Year. Mike Bibbs #46075 was recognized as one of the Outstanding State Treasurers in the country. Boni Hart #59553 was one of the country’s top Program Managers for Jaycee Family Aids Network (JCFAN), while Ed Hart #28991 was the Outstanding Elected Officer of the Year.

Thanks for the opportunity to serve as your President.

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