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Past Presidents

Dave DeLaneyDave DeLaney #41203

2006 - 2007





Executive Officers:  Randy Johnson #56636 VP, Leah Ann ‘Anner’ Hilgert #55561 Treasurer, DeWayne Cartee #62218 Secretary.


  • U.S. JCI Senate Region VI PIE (President’s Information Exchange) Co-Chairman 2007-2008
  • U.S. JCI Senate Outstanding State President 2006-2007

  • U.S. JCI Senate Thomas E. Humphrey Memorial Award as the Most Outstanding State President 2006-2007

It started with a good team and grew from there. We elected good officers and made good appointments. We had our two money making projects in the first month, signed some old members and off we went. The socials fell into line and we always had a good time. We found that if we contacted past members they would usually join and help us out.

Of course, first and foremost, assistance to our Jaycees was where we excelled. We have always had a great rapport with our Jaycees. We do what we can to help and train, and then let them learn by experience. I have always had an interest in the history of the organization so my theme for the year was "In Your Hands". I believe we took our Jaycees in our hands and made an impact on their year. In Henry Giessenbier’s day, the destiny of the Jaycee organization was in their own hands; today, now that the Jaycee organization has grown to its great level, the Senate and the Return The Favor program is a key to their continued success.

We traveled to points all over the state, region, and country. We had state meetings in Joplin, the Lake of the Ozarks, and in Macon. Region 6 Meetings were held in Prairie du Chien, WI, and in Grand Island, NE. Annapolis, MD, hosted the year end national convention. We were trainers, mentors, Royals fans, Cardinals fans, Chiefs fans, Rams fans, Mizzou fans, M&Ms, and pirates, but most of all just good friends.

We had a combination of new and old projects throughout the year. We lead off the year as the host for the 2005-2006 national convention in St. Charles. From there we went to the Cole County Fair BBQ Stand, Strassenfest, a Royals game, Japanese Festival, Access Day at the State Fair, and ended the first quarter with the state meeting in Joplin; Region 6 VP Marilyn Mueller #51429 from NE was in attendance as well as National Secretary Pat Hoelker #45893 from IA.

The second quarter we traveled to the BOD in Indianapolis, IN, and the Region 6 Meeting of the pirates in Prairie du Chien, WI. Region VP Marilyn’s theme was "Plunder The Fun". We also had time to get in some Return The Favor hours at the Wonderland Camp Work Weekends. Football was on tap as we traveled to Lincoln, NE for the annual MO/NE game; once again the score didn’t turn out so well. But, we did have a great time with our hosts.

During the busy third quarter we hosted National President Calvin Baerveldt #36419 and First Lady Diane #48476 from MD at the Holiday Meeting / Christmas Party in Columbia. We had a nice visit with them as Donna and I along with Ed #28991 & Boni #59553 Hart picked them up at the airport in St. Louis. We visited the JCI World Headquarters in Chesterfield with Earl Sawyer #28243 as our host. We got the opportunity to meet World JCI President Lars Hajslund from Denmark. Also attending was National Treasurer Vicky Dempsey #58206.

Following that we hosted the Illinois Senate in the annual MO/IL "Braggin’ Rights" basketball game in St. Louis. We lost again we didn’t do well on the sports scene for the year. That took us into the new year and LOTS in Jefferson City. We took the opportunity to sit down with the new Missouri Jaycees President Jennifer Boggs #67050 and her Board to discuss how we could help the Jaycees.

Next up was the Winter Meeting at Tan-Tar-A at the Lake of the Ozarks. Unfortunately, our meeting fell on the same weekend as the BOD in Mesa, AZ. We elected our new officers at this meeting as well as assisting with the Missouri Jaycees OYM/OYF honorees during the banquet.

Once again it was football as we hosted two Super Bowl Parties for RTF. One in Jefferson City for Access Day at the State Fair, and also in St. Louis for Wonderland Camp. We also assisted in several casino parties for RTF hours.

We rounded third and headed for home plate in the fourth quarter. We attended the Spring Region 6 Meeting in Grand Island, NE where the pirates that sailed the seven states of the region met to "Plunder The Fun" once again. We also found out that we had a national scholarship winner for the first time in a few years.

The U. S. Jaycees National Convention was in St. Louis during March where our Missouri Jaycees marched #1 in the Parade of States. Our training and mentoring must have paid off. President Joe Chandler #66999 had a tremendous year.

Our final team meeting was in Macon as we closed out the year. We revived the Wacky Olympics from a few years back for the Jaycees. Our year end award winners were:
· Program Managers of the Year – Ernie #60650 & Kristie #62494 Lea for Hospitality
· Senator of the Year – Boni Hart #59553
· Outstanding RTF Participation – Jerry Thompson #56957, Ernie Lea #60650, and DeWayne Cartee #62218

All the hard work, all the new members, all the projects, all the friendships – it all came together at home plate at the end of the year as we "Set Sail" for the National Convention in Annapolis, MD. Team Missouri hit a home run as we were well represented as the third largest delegation. While there, we also picked up some year end awards.

Awarded there by National President Calvin Baerveldt #36419 were the following:
· Nolan Terrill Memorial Award for the Outstanding State Newsletter, "In Your Hands" – Boni Hart #59553, Editor
· Geek Award (for submitting info to the national website) – DeWayne Cartee #62218
· Outstanding State Treasurer – Leah Ann ‘Anner’ Hilgert #55561
· And, thanks to all of you – I was named an Outstanding State President (1 of 6), and the Thomas E. Humphrey Memorial Award winner as the Most Outstanding State President

It was a long trip around the bases but to hear the cheers as we crossed home plate made it well worth the effort. We should all be proud of our accomplishments as we helped our Jaycees, ended the year as the top growth Senate state, we have a great newsletter and website, and we traveled all over the state, region, and the country to further our friendships with our fellow Senators.

Thanks to all of the Moberly Jaycees and the Capital City Jaycees, for all of our wonderful experiences. Thanks to Jack & Bob, Sherwood, Wayne, Monty, Allen, Jim, Gwen, Andrea, Jackie, Patricia, Mike, Darrell, Ed & Boni, Earl & Mary and of course to Donna. You are all what this organization is all about. Without all of you I wouldn't have been here.

To everyone else, along the way, to the many Jaycee members, to the Jaycee Women, to the people that have been touched by all the things we do, to everyone at Wonderland Camp, to the Muscular Dystrophy Association, I say thank you for making my Jaycee and Senate career a wonderful time. Thanks for making this year special for everyone.

It was an honor to represent the Missouri JCI Senate during the year. My thanks goes to each of you, the members for your commitment. You put forth the effort to make us successful as you do every year. I truly believe we are the best Senate group in the country. We have the most committed group of Senators and a tradition of great leadership. Our efforts with Return The Favor are second to none, which can be evidenced by the continued success of the Missouri Jaycees. All of this leads me to say that Missouri is the "Most Outstanding State JCI Senate Organization."

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