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DeWayne CarteeDeWayne Cartee #62218

2008 - 2009

Southern Boone




Executive Officers:  Boni Hart #59553 Vice President, Tim Vincent #54020 Treasurer, Debbie Rothweiler #65300 Secretary.



A goal of 2008-2009 was to have something going on every month and to move the projects/socials around the state to make it easier for some folks to get there. We started the year with a new project a food booth at Ballwin days, luckily we had some late menu modifications that helped make us a little money. We started another new project the Fun in the Sun social which was a great time for families to get together at Springdale Park in Fenton. We had another outstanding year helping at the Jefferson City Jaycees Fair BBQ stand. In August we continued the tradition of helping the Jaycees at Access Day at the state fair. The Show-Me Bash was held in Jefferson City. The September meeting with the Jaycees was in Kansas City and we had US JCI Senate President Pat Hoelker #45893 in attendance. The Fall BOD was in Seattle where we also went to a Mariners game.

October led us to Lincoln Nebraska where MU had not won in 30 years but we did finally get a victory. Then we traveled North to Minnesota for an outstanding region meeting that included a riverboat cruise. November was the annual MU/KU football game which was cold, rainy and we didnít win the game but the hospitality was "Cool". In December we had our Christmas in Italy party then assisted the Southern Boone Jaycees at their Casino night. We had another edition of the MU/IL basketball game in ST, Louis.

January led us to Tan-Tar-A for the Jaycee winter meeting where we had 52 Senators at the meeting and that night we welcomed 8 new Senators into the family. We also assisted in honoring the OYM/OYF winners. The following weekend we traveled to Houston to warm up at the Winter BOD. Took a nice tour of NASA, enjoyed hospitality and met old friends. That led to two outstanding Superbowl parties one in Jefferson City and the other in St. Louis.

In March we traveled to the region meeting in Des Moines which thanks to all of your support I was crowned Miss Rock-N-Roll. (A night I will never forget as hard as I try ? ) We finished up the year with a wine tasting in Ste Genevieve before heading to Macon for the year end meeting and elections. Lori Vincent # 54021 was recognized as the outstanding Senator. We continued the tradition of growth for the MO JCI Senate for the 10th consecutive year.

The annual meeting was in Atlanta where we were recognized regionally for Outstanding Treasurer Tim Vincent # 54020, Outstanding RTF Ernie Lea #60650 Outstanding Newsletter Lori Vincent #54021 and Outstanding President. On the national level Lori also won the Outstanding Newsletter award.

My theme was "Cool Blue" from my "addiction" and love of M&Mís. We had a lot of fun as we continued to help the Jaycees at the state meetings with competitions and First timers as well as providing assistance and training at local levels. We also had one of our scholarship winners win the USJCI Senate foundation scholarship.

Thanks to everyone for helping make it a COOL year. Thanks to my wife Michelle and Ashley for traveling with me this year. Thank you to all the Senators that participated this year. Hopefully those of you that werenít able to have now gotten involved and are enjoying our MO JCI Senate Family. Special thanks to Randy Johnson #56636, Kramit #61560, Mary Sawyer #43930, Earl Sawyer #28243, Dave DeLaney #41203 and Donna DeLaney #55560 for their assistance and friendship. Thanks to the board for helping to make it a "Cool Blue" year!!!!!


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