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Past Presidents of the Missouri JCI Senate


Mike BibbsMike Bibbs #46075

2004 - 2005





Executive Officers:  Dennis ‘Kramit’ Kramer #61560 Administrative VP, Dave DeLaney #41203 Programming VP, Rudy Lefholz #50985 Treasurer, Dave Schuster #37388 Secretary.


  • U.S. JCI Senate Outstanding State Treasurer 2002-2003

My name is Mike Bibbs #46075 and I was the 31st President of the Missouri JCI Senate. My year surrounded a friend who was killed in Iraq while flying a helicopter; he was scheduled to return home to his wife, also a Captain in Iraq at the time. My year was dedicated to him with the theme "American Pride".

My year began in Joplin with my friend Ed Hart #28991, swearing me and my Board into office (who could ask for better). This began a great year with Dennis "Kramit" Kramer #61560 as my Administrative Vice President, Dave DeLaney #41203 as Programming Vice President, Rudy Lefholz #50985 as my Treasurer and Dave Schuster #37388 as Secretary and my long time friend Lewis Ash #49165 as my Chairman of the Board.

The main focus of our Senate always is to help our state Jaycee organization through "Return The Favor" which we did very well by helping at Access Day at the State Fair, State meetings, book judging and many other projects. The highlight of the year always comes at the Winter Meeting at Tan-Tar-A with the arrival of new Senators given out by their chapters for services well done over the years. This year brought 12 new Senators and a program run by Tim #54020 and Lori #54021 Vincent for the Outstanding Young Missourian and Outstanding Young Farmer program, what a night it was. Our Region 6 Vice President Phyllis Bowers #51430 from IA was also in attendance - she loves Missouri.

Prior to Tan-Tar-A, we had our Christmas Party in Columbia at Stoney Creek Inn with VP Phyllis and husband Eldon #45999, and National JCI Senate President Joe Souza #27511 attending. What a welcome to Missouri.

Gerry Moore #26604, it just didn't seem as though we could beat Illinois in basketball, and Nebraska just would not let us win in Lincoln, but we "wooed" Joe Souza all the way from California.

The San Antonio BOD Meeting was a great trip for 3 days during the winter, as we met many great people in Texas, but paid for it coming back to Missouri (15 degrees to 75 degrees back to 20 degrees). Saving the best for last had to be those Region 6 and Region 6-8 meetings, GOD the last one was really different, but I had to hold up the state by "Cross Dressing" for a worthy cause. Those kids in the hallway may never be the same; "Are you really a cross dressers?", "No kid, we always dress like this!" Thanks to "Momma Leppla".

The Niagara Falls BOD Meeting turned out to be a great time also for my wife and I; a great vacation and a great 25th wedding anniversary.

Through the year, many people helped me through awkward and low times and I thank them, "Kramit", Lewis, Gerry, Earl, Mary, Ed, Boni, Jackie, Bill and many others.

Thanks for holding up "American Pride".


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