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Past Presidents

Lewis AshLewis Ash #49165

2003 - 2004





Executive Officers:  Mike Bibbs #46075 Vice President, Dennis ‘Kramit’ Kramer #61560 Treasurer, Rudy Lefholz #50985 Secretary.


   Offices & Experience
  • U.S. JCI Senate Region VI Vice President 2005-2006
  • U.S. JCI Senate Legislative Affairs Chairman 2006-2007
  • U.S. JCI Senate Constitution & By-Laws Committee 2008-2009

If I were to combine all my memories and experiences into one word during my year as President of the Missouri JCI Senate, it would be "FRIENDSHIPS". That word seems to say what being a Senator is about. Those of us that have had the opportunity to serve as President are very fortunate to be from the great State of Missouri. The Missouri JCI Senate is the 'BEST' JCI Senate State in America. No matter what we decide to do, or where we decide to do it, Missouri Senators are always there. Those friendships will be there for a lifetime.


Once you spread your wings and journey out to be involved in Region and National activities, those friendships continue to grow. With some groups, it is difficult to get excited about meetings, but not with the Senate. You get excited and anxious for it to arrive so you can see your 'GREAT FRIENDS'.


As I look back to my year as President, I would have to say the most memorable event would have to have been the Region 6 & 8 Meeting which the Missouri JCI Senate hosted in Kansas City. As everyone knows that has been through something like this, there are some stressful times. But what can you say about the results of this meeting but "WOW". The Missouri JCI Senate did it in grand style. In conversations and emails, I am still getting comments on the outstanding job that was done. It has been said that this Region meeting can be equal to or even better than some National Meetings. ‘GREAT JOB' Missouri Senators.


Our membership continued to grow during the year as new Senators were welcomed aboard, and some past Senators were welcomed back.


I was honored at the year end National Convention to accept awards on behalf of all you do. We showed the nation that we believe in our Jaycee careers as we were recognized as the BEST in America for our 'Return the Favor' program and as an outstanding state for 'JCFAN'.


I used "Together We Can" as my theme during the year. Well, Missouri JCI Senate, you showed America that when we do things TOGETHER, WE CAN accomplish anything.


Once again, thanks for the opportunity to serve as your 30th President.

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