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Photo Gallery: Macon 2007 Meeting

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President Dave with one of our newest old members, Charles Cannaday #157 from Kirksville.

Missouri Jaycees President Jennifer Boggs #67050 from Boonville, addresses the Senators.

VP Randy giving his report.

COB Kramit

Allen Moore #32182, Mike Gilbert #43355, and Charles Cannaday #157.

Senators of the Month for January, Mike #62337 and Chrissy #65841 Sommer.

Senators of the Third Quarter, Chrissy and Mike Sommer.

Senator of the Month for April, Michele Emmerich #60635.

Senator of the Month for March, Ed Hart #28991.

Senator of the Month for May, Jerry Thompson #56957.

Senator of the Fourth Quarter, Tim Vincent #54020.

Return the Favor Program Manager Tim Vincent #54020 receives awards from Region VI.

Program Manager of the Year Ernie #60650 and Kristie #62494 Lea for Hospitality.

Senator of the Year, Boni Hart #59553.

President Dave receives year end gifts.

Still more gifts.

President Dave is awarded his Past President's plaque from new President Randy Johnson.

Earl is an over achiever during the Wacky Olympics Marshmallow Stuff.

Mike Rogers #30390 tries to move the potato.

Bill Smith #38430 takes a lead in the creeper race.

Looking on during the Wacky Olympics are Jerry Thompson #56957 and Lorie, Jane Shook-Floyd #61634 and Ernie Lea #60650.

Ed upholds the honor of the Senate in a hula hoop-off to break a tie.

New President Randy Johnson #56636 accepts the oath of office from Past President Dennis 'Kramit' Kramer #61560.

Dennis 'Kramit' Kramer swears in the new Board for 2007-2008.

Winners of the Wacky Olympics - the Boonville Jaycees.

President Dave presents a check for Wonderland Camp to Program Manager Lorie Thompson from the proceeds of the STL Super Bowl party.

President Dave presents a check for Access Day at the State Fair to Program Manager Karen Gridley from the proceeds of the Jeff City Super Bowl party. Looking on is Sandy Backes #64521, Chairman.

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